For Buying Securities/Shares

  • Margin Money to be deposited as an advance payment for Online trading user.
  • Invoices/Bills are normally issued on the same day and total payment to be made within next two days through Account Payee Cheque or directly deposited in our Global Ime Bank (Ac No.:7501010000746)
  • Transfer funds to our bank accounts through QR codes from Mobile banking apps of their respective banks, or
  • Through ConnectIPS of Nepal Clearing House Limited, or
  • Deposit in our bank account and send the deposit slip through email attachment to us.
  • Shares will be transferred to buyer’s BOID (DEMAT Account) after all payment dues are cleared
  • You are requested to check your DP A/C after 5 days to ensure whether the transacted company is credited.


For Selling Stock:

  • Seller clients are required to submit Debit Instruction Slip (DIS) by next day of transaction. All collected DIS's are presented at respective DP companies for clearing. In alternate, clients can issue electronic DIS (EDIS) through Mero Share (New).
  • Purchase or base prices for Capital Gain Tax (CGT) are also required to enter on CNS system of CDS & Clearing Ltd before settlement day for which clients are required to state/declare purchase price along with Transaction No. by filling Weighted Average Base Price Form
  • After T+3 days, you are requested to check your DP A/C( to see whether the particular company deducted or not)
  • 20% amount as penalty ( Close Out) of transaction amount will be applicable if transaction could not be settled on time by client.
  • For payments Account Payee Cheques are issued on 5th day of the transaction.


For Online Trading

  • You can do trading (Buy/Sell) shares on your own through Online Trading portal known as 'Trade Management System (TMS)'.
  • For this, all you need first is to sign 'Online Agreement Form' with us.
  • Then you will receive a 'Password' reset link in your email from NOTS.
  • Just click the link, change the 'Password' and follow the instructions. Please Do Not Share this Password to any one for your own safety reason.
  • You are now all set to trade online.

For easy settlement of bought and sold shares online we recommend you to subscribe Mero Share and ConnectIPS at the earliest. Passwords of Mero Share and ConnectIPS should not be shared to anyone.