Stock Trading

Trading timing: Sunday to Thursday 11am to 3pm.

We facilitate buying and selling of financial securities.

We provide brokering services for Buying and Selling of all kinds of Securities listed with Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd (NEPSE) such as shares and mutual fund units.


Depositary Participants (DP) service:

        We provide DP service through a public company promoted by us, Nepal DP ltd which provides all kind of services provided by DP Company, They are listed below:

  1. Open DMAT account of securities investor as a Beneficial Owner(BO)
  2. De-Materialization of securities held by the Beneficial Owner(BO)
  3. Settlement trades by transferring/receiving the securities from/in BO Account.
  4. Maintain records of securities in the electronic form.
  5. Facilitate in pledging of Dematerialized securities
  6. Deposit the non-financial corporate benefits (such as: Bonus , Right shares etc.) issued by issuers in the Dmat account of BO
  7. Other services as allowed by law and regulations in regards to securities depositary




Transaction Amount

Commission(In %)

Minimum (Upto 4200)

Rs. 25

Upto Rs.50000


From Rs.50001 To Rs.500000


From Rs.500001 To Rs.2000000


From Rs.2000001 To Rs.10000000


Rs. 10000001 Above



NOTE: An additional 0.015% SEBO commission is applicable on the transaction amount.