Procedure For Stock Trading

Properly fill  KYC and submit the form.(You can get the kyc form from our office or download & print from our website)


Requirement to complete KYC :

For Individual Clients:

For Company:

1. Duly filled Individual KYC Form

1. Duly filled Corporate KYC Form

2. Citizenship Copy

2. Copy of Company Registration Certificate

3.Password Size photo

3. Copy of PAN/VAT Registration Certificate

4.Dmat Confirmation letter

4. Copy of PAN/VAT Registration Certificate

5.Staff  Id Card

5. Authorized Person Citizenship copy

6. Birth Certificate or Minor Identification Certificate (in case of Minors)

6. Copy of Board Minute for Demat Account Opening

 7. PAN Registration Certificate(Optional)

7. Authorized Passport Size Photograph

You will get Client ID after you submit kyc form.

On the basis of Client ID,you can place your buying or selling order via clinet self present, via phone , mail or online trading by self.

You can fill “The Order Form” available in our office or download, print & submit or scan mail to our email.

It is important to mention the price and quantity of particular company which you want to transact.