Board Members

Parameshwar Bhakta Malla

01-4432088 Chairman

Nikunj Malla

01-4432088 Director

Operation & Trading Department

Bhakta Bahadur Bhujel

9841279831 Manager

Anuj Shakya

9803228224 Supervisor

Finance & IT Department

Anjan Ram Tamrakar

9843626528 Compliance Officer

Sabin Chandra Pandey

9860045237 Senior Assistant/ IT

Nitesh Maharjan

01-4432088 IT Support

DP Department

Nisha Kunwar

01-4432088 Senior Assistant

Saman Chakradhar

9849179420 Senior Assistant

Kailash Bohara

9801184482 Junior Assistant

Bijaya Deshar

9801205690 Junior Assistant

General Helper

Surat Bahadur Syangtan

01-4432088 Tech

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